Hello world. I am a week late, but I am hoping each and everyone of you is having a great start to the new year. It was a pretty hectic
holidays for me. Yes! My Christmas trees and some of my other decor are still up and running at our house. Every time I try to take it
down, my oldest daughter gets sad. They truly are nowold enough to feel the Christmas/Holiday spirit. This year, there will be many things I am looking forward to. Just thinking of
it makes me want to cry because I realize the girls are getting
older by the day. I always told myself that things will get easier
and easier as they grow, but the more I myself grow, the more I
realize that it will only get harder and harder. The times are
definitely different and I need to learn how to adjust to the
changing times. Anyhow, whenever I think I will have a breather, it
never happens. There is always something that needs to get done.
Laying in bed and just looking at the ceiling doing nothing at all
is not at all possible anymore. We are always on the go and ready
for the next thing that is about to happen. I am so excited to go
on a two week vacation with the family coming in the coming month. There are some plans of doing this or going here, but nothing definite. I think I like it that way. Normally, I would have
already planned out what we would be doing or where we would be
going during our time off of work. Not this time. I think I am in
the mood to just chill and do nothing and enjoy every moment of it.

So far this year, I have done well with my Project 365. If you all haven’t heard of it, it’s a project in which the participant takes a picture every day for the whole year. So far so good for me. I plan on putting it together in an album throughout the year and put it in an album.

Next week, I gotta start working on the album already- a week at a time. I’m sure the end result will be lovely and memorable. I don’t quite know where I find the time to do these things, but I do. I surprise myself too. In the end, I know all these things I do for the sake of keeping the memories alive will be WORTH it.


One of my pics of the day of one of my most favorite items so far this year taken by my new toy camera that comfortably fits in my bag! Hooray!

One thought on “HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  1. Very cool Janice! I always wanted to do something like this but I hate typing and I would never keep up with it. I love looking at kids’ pics. Keep em coming!

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