Am I Really This Old?

Obviously, I am now a mother of two girls who are both below the age of 5. So I found it funny when Dex and I were at McDonald’s by the house last week while the girls were in preschool judging the new “in” crowd. The high school apparently has privileges to eat out for lunch and there were a bunch of kids hanging out at the McD’s, sort of like we used to do back in the day. It made me realize that it was over 15 years ago when I was a freshman in high school. Am I really this old? Yes!

Anyway, these boys had long hair combed almost like a comb over and skinny jeans with sneakers! YUCK! What the heck is going on in this world? Only girls should be wearing skinny jeans- so I thought! So this is when the subject of us talking about what I would say to my girls if they brought a guy home that looked like this. Of course, 10 years from now, who knows what the new fad will be? I’m almost hoping it would be the baggy jeans, spiky hair or even that famous under shave to remind me of Dexter back in high school. I now KNOW that I will be like what my parents used to be when they told me Dexter looked weird and he looked like a gang banger. To me it looked NORMAL back then. Now what’s normal to teenagers nowadays is so weird for me- like “what are you thinking” kind of weird. The times have definitely changed and I am on the other side of the street. It just seemed like yesterday, but it’s a nasty reminder of how long ago it actually has been. Lord please help me have an open mind and make this easy.

We’re parents now but it is still hard to believe sometimes. When Dex and I reminisce about the past, I feel like it was just yesterday. We just have to giggle and laugh about them because soon enough, it will be our turn on the plate. Like I said, I pray that it will be easy and fun! Dex is going to get payback for all the things he put all his girls’ parents into. I believe there were plenty in his time. *chuckles*

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