The Calm After the Storm…

That up there is my picture of the day taken at 0430am this morning as we were “on our way to work” extra early. When we opened the garage, we saw how much snow there was. The husband actually believed that our truck was more powerful than what Mother Nature had poured down over us. We got stuck right away- as we were pulling out of the garage in what we later found to be more than knee-deep snow. After about 30 minutes of shoveling the truck out of this mess (going forward and reverse), we parked it back into the garage. I, of course, had the worst job of going forward and reverse. Dexter had the easier job of actually shoveling out there! *sigh* Dexter proceeded to shovel the snow in the driveway as we were determined to get to work, even if we were going to be late. It was still 0515am, so we could still make it in time. DUH! Look at the damn street that we had failed to even notice until we cleared the driveway. It hadn’t been plowed at all. After about an hour of contemplation, we had nothing else to do but call it a day. I called in to work late and told them I couldn’t make it. We really both did try to make it in, but it would have been impossible and dangerous. It was better to be stuck in our driveway than anywhere else. It’s been crazy. I don’t remember the last time the weather was this bad that we were literally “snowed-in” inside the house. Take care out there guys!

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