Shuffle Time Shufflers!

I have never been a runner in all my life. I couldn’t run a block if I tried, unless a dog was chasing after me. Even that would be a serious maybe. So when one of my co-workers asked me to sign up with her in this year’s Shamrock Shuffle, I was a bit hesitant. Then I realized I had nothing to lose except quitting in the middle of the race and calling it a day. I really wouldn’t have felt like a failure, in all honesty. I am not a competitive type- with others or with myself. The plus side to it was that it would enable me to actually start “training” myself for the day. I put training in quotes because I really had no intention of seriously training. I basically used it as a motivator to start going back to the gym.

Boy is that an understatement. Shortly after signing up, we joined the gym and started going 3 times a week. Dex walked/ran with me the first couple of times and then divorced me for basketball. I did nothing else at the gym than go on the track or treadmill trying to build up the miles I could tolerate. I was stuck at 1 mile for a very long time,  but the good news was that I built up to doing 1 mile in 15 minutes. I know that sounds funny, but for me that is a major accomplishment. The week of the race, I was able to do 3.5 miles in 45 minutes on the treadmill and that was about as much as I could do. The treadmill was just too boring. I kept looking at the numbers and couldn’t focus much more than that.

So I told the hubby on race day to have his phone handy so he can pick me up at whatever corner I would decide to quit the race. On race day, there were so many people and I didn’t know what to expect. I just did it and did it at my pace. I wasn’t trying to kill myself to beat any kind of time. I walked. I ran. I even had to go to the Port-A-Potty only to realize how disgusting those things were. Walked out drenched in antibacterial gel. Went into McDonald’s and went to the bathroom there instead. I put on my beloved gloss and went on my way. I didn’t see any mile markers along the way and I had one moment when I was going to just walk out and call it a day. Then I looked at the empty street with the cops and volunteers and thought it would be so embarrassing to walk that lonely line all by myself like a total loser. I decided to go ahead and get with the program and just do it. I did. I later found out that the official time to finish was 1:15:00. My time was 1:12:50! I barely made it to count as finished, but I did it and I’m happy I did. Here’s a picture of (some) of us before the race and then one with the proud hubby! My fellow co-workers finished under an hour or a little over the hour mark. Congratulations to everyone! It was a good time and I’ll definitely be back in it for next year!

Now I think I have to sign up for other runs just to keep me motivated to keep running and going to the gym. Trying to lose weight is just not motivation enough for me. If it were, I would have lost all this weight by now. I am 15 pounds away from my pre-baby days and I am trying to do all I can to lose it without sacrificing too much. I try to be normal and I DON’T talk about this weight loss stuff in front of my girls. That would be too unhealthy to set such a bad example of “be happy with what and who you are” kind of thing. That is why I am doing it in a positive way by going to the gym and still eating what I want and adding some “bad” stuff every now and then. By the end of the year, I hope that I can be where I project myself to be. I definitely had a good start to the year. I’m glad I wasn’t just a statistic of people who joined the gym after the new year.

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