Before I Was A Mom…

I stumbled upon this website and found this article. It’s something I’ve always thought about when people give me “advice” or voice their thoughts on parenting when they don’t have kids of their own. I just smile and let it be. There will always be people on this Earth who put their two cents into something they can’t afford at the moment. I’m the type of parent who is very down to Earth. I hear everything being said, but I don’t let it phase me. People are entitled to their opinion, and in the end, what matters is my own. I’m the type of parent that will let your kid do their thing as long as it is not brutally violent. I will sit to the side just observing with a smile on my face. Sometimes it’s hard to bare and I want to butt in, but I let my kids learn to fight their own battles. Better yet, I think it’s worth knowing that it is not worth a battle at this point. Kids will be kids and there is no need to be confrontational. Thank goodness my husband is the same way- down to earth about raising our kids! Perhaps it is because I feel like I was that way at one point, except I kept those thoughts to myself and not actually give my two cents. Either way, before I was a Mom, I thought I would be a great Mom. Great, meaning what I once defined to be a great parent. I must say I feel like I am a good parent now, and I am no where near what I once thought I would be. That would have been perfection, which would not be good or healthy for anyone!

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! It truly would have been the hardest job in the world, but I am thankful that I have the best partner (and grandma) in the world to make mine easier than what it could have been! So here are a list of my thoughts pre-motherhood. It’s kind of funny that after you become a parent, you realize you have control, but not really over everything. You gotta sometimes let things just be. Small things in life don’t really matter. Like they say, don’t sweat the small stuff, right?

1. What a messy, sticky and smelly child. She must not be taken care of properly. 

2. What’s up with that messy hair. Brush and ribbons anyone?

3. Bedtime past 9pm every night? What kind of parent are you?

4. Gadgets before their 5th birthday? These parents are ridiculous!

6. They will never sleep in my bed. 

7. Crying on an airplane? Shoot me now!

8. Oh there’s that “they didn’t take a nap excuse” again.

9. It’s not like the kid remembers their first birthday anyway. 

10. Bribing your child as a form of reward for good behavior? I would never do that! 

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