I Have A Kindergartner

Speaking of Kindergartner, I had to Google spell check that one. How ironic, huh? Yes. I am very excited for my little big girl. She started school on the right foot and is an extremely happy child. She is always excited to get the day started and be with her new friends. I only hope and pray that she keeps this enthusiasm going. I was very nervous about her first day of school. I had all these negative thoughts flowing in my crazy head about all the things that could possibly go wrong. I don’t even want to put it out here because I may make it obvious how crazy I was. We had so much fun “back to school” shopping and I may have gone a little over board. New shoes. New book bag. Matching pencil case. Cool little gadgets, that believe it or not, were in her school supply list. On a side note, I don’t ever remember having such things as “the school supply list” when I went to school ages ago. Anyhow, it was quite helpful and at the end of the day, her backpack was much too heavy for her to carry on her own. This is no joke. Thank goodness her teacher emptied it out and left most of her supplies in her own personal cubby. They also have school uniforms, which saves me a ton of money and time deciding what she should wear. It didn’t fail though. I bought her all sorts of pants and uniform dresses and shoes and socks and such. I couldn’t help it. We are now on Week 2, and we are all still ever so excited to drop her off in the morning and pick her up and wait for her stories of how her day went. It gets better and better each time. 

My journey has just begun. I’m looking forward to the next decade of “firsts” and all the adjustments we have to make as parents. I wish to build her a great foundation, which starts NOW! Good luck to all the first time parents out there going through this change with me. Let’s make this good!

Pic 1: Jasmyne excited on the school playground area on her first day!

Pic 2: Jasmyne is first in line. She’s starting off on the right foot alright. LoL! By the way, I shaded everyone’s faces for privacy.

Pic 3: Jasmyne is one of the shortest and most petite girls in the class. These kids are huge!

One thought on “I Have A Kindergartner

  1. Where’s the girl who was picking on her? Yeah, school supplies. I took my goddaughter shopping and was overwhelmed with all that she needed. What happened to the days to a pad of paper and a pencil.

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