Falling in Fall…

Isn’t that picture I took up there lovely? Doesn’t it just make you feel so at peace with nature? The colors are beautiful aren’t they? WRONG! For me, it does everything but that. It only means that we are closer to winter and it really gives me butterflies in my stomach. It got so cold so fast this year. I have already started on my Calcium regimen. I haven’t started on my tanning yet, but will be looking forward to some sun in my coming vacation. In fact, I have increased my dose from last year. It did work wonders for me last year. I got a huge Christmas tree. I decorated the inside of our house. I even bought lots of decoration for outside the house too. I wrapped the Christmas gifts in style. I made up Christmas games and I really was feeling the opposite of blue. Thank goodness we had a burst of summer last week to up my spirits a little bit. I find it odd that it hits me almost as soon as the sun don’t shine after 5pm. My SAD symptoms don’t gradually occur. It hits me like a train. Maybe it’s also because of all the changes going on in my life at this time. Well whatever it is, I hope I cure myself just like I did last year and actually enjoy the holiday shopping!

Speaking of the holidays, I’ve already gotten ahead of myself and ordered our Christmas cards. November will be a busy time and I don’t want to fall behind on my favorite thing about the holidays! This year, I decided to have our pictures taken on location as opposed to a studio. I find that is much more fitting when you have young children. There are no appointments or people waiting behind you. It’s just more natural. I got my proofs last week and was so excited to see them. They turned out great and I’m really excited to share the best part of Christmas with everyone. The only thing I would probably enjoy about the holidays even without taking my happy medicine is receiving XMAS cards in the mail. I’m like a freaking child receiving the best gift ever when I get ’em. So email me and request my home address so you can send me one too! Come on. Don’t be shy! *insert smiley face*

Anyway, it’s been a very good and productive last couple of weeks. I’m also enjoying decorating all over again and trying to figure out what goes best where. Color schemes. Style. All of that. I just want it all to be finished and I can truly be happy and comfortable. I’ve been busy with all of that and finishing up on my favorite thing to do- making my cherished albums of memories. I finally was able to finish our Orlando Vacation. I got the album and wished it was a little bit bigger. I currently just finished my July 2011 album as well. July was jam packed this year and I can’t wait to get it in my hands- all 60 pages of it! I know. I know. I sound obsessed, but I truly am the one who takes a crap load of pictures and preserves them for the future. I’m the one that has had a journal since I was in elementary and still reads them every now and then. I am the one who has this website (still) and prints it off getting excited of what I would think when I read it many, many years later. I even sometimes read my entries from two years ago and can’t believe some of the things I have written or how amazingly fast time really is. I even think what my kids will think when they read it when they are older! I’m the one who wrote a letter for my daughters this year for them to open on their 13th birthday. It’s a different perspective writing it to them when they are such precious, innocent babies! I think everyone will thank me for it later. I THANK myself actually. So shut it! LoL! Have a good week everyone! Stay warm!

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