My baby’s THREE!

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It’s not so much that I never wanted to throw her her own party, but I just never got into the mood. It’s no excuse, I know. On my better days over the summer, I had envisioned her Halloween Extravaganza. Then of course it got cold. Dreary. Ugly. Blah. Sad. Depressing with an increase of dosage in my Vitamin D necessary. Slowly, my plans began to dwindle to nothing. If you know me, you know how I love to PLAN big parties. It’s not an excuse, but it is my own reason. Next year, I will definitely make it better and make it a point to start my SAD Treatment earlier in the game. LoL!

It’s really simple actually. I asked my baby girl what she wanted for her birthday and her answer was this: a face painter and a big cake for me. It almost brought tears to my eyes as I lay in bed last night trying to plan a last minute party for my little princess. Then I decided to check out all the summer birthdays and actually really cried as I sit here alone, staring at the above pictures. My little baby loves birthday cake. If there’s a cake, she’s there! She’s the first one to get her finger on the icing for the first lick! So as you can see in the pictures, she is just so amazed by the birthday song and blowing other people’s cake. I never realized that she would have possibly wanted her own- as her gift! 

So before she went to bed, I told her it would be her birthday when she woke up. She looked extra happy and said: Yay. Everyone will sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ME! Yes baby. I invited everyone I know. It will be loud and it will be all yours! It was all last minute, but we’ll make sure you enjoy it. I can’t believe that you’re turning three! You’ve always had a strong personality every since you were in my belly. Through you, I have experienced the pain of labor and the true joy of parenthood. May you be blessed with a beautiful life full of love and a good heart. Mommy and daddy loves you. Happy 3rd Birthday Baby!

My little newborn baby less than 24 hours old!

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