I Love Love.

So I am not big on Valentine’s Day or Sweetest Day, to name a few of The Hallmark Holidays. I guess in my high school days, I loved it. I loved receiving little tokens of love from another person, particularly from the one who would end up being my husband. As I got older though, I realized that I was not into it anymore. I think Dex and I celebrated it our first 2 years together until I demanded him to stop giving me flowers and gifts. I didn’t want to go out Valentine’s Day or the weekend of it, because we went out to eat all the time and went on our dates to great place on a regular basis. I didn’t want him feeling the pressure to get me something or do something special for that one day in the calendar when he always did it for me anyway. Why would you have to give someone a gift of love for a day in the year? Maybe it is because Dex has always showered me with gifts on a daily basis ever since we have been together that he killed it for me. Dexter has always been very unselfish and giving, not only to me, but to people he comes into contact with. I remember when I was struggling with school and working two jobs. He told me to quit one of my jobs. He paid for my car, insurance payments and credit card bills. He helped me pay for things I needed for school. He took me on full paid vacations and cruises and showed me the world. He has always spoiled me rotten. I think that is the reason why Valentine’s Day is just like any other day for me. So of course, even though Dex knows I don’t want any gifts or that trip to a fancy restaurant, he never fails to get me even a little something on Valentine’s Day. I woke up to a card with a beautiful message on the inside. He also always gets me my favorite chocolate- Ferrero Rocher. Since I am trying to cut back on chocolate, he gave me just three pieces- symbolizing I Love You! He’s so sweet! But not to spoil it- I still wish everyone a day and life full of love and romance on this Valentine’s Day.

Last week, I went and finally got my tattoo that I have been waiting to get done in the last couple of years. I finally found the picture I wanted and have been searching for. I love the infinity sign and I knew my mark had to have something associated with it. I got married in the month of August, which is the number 8, for that very reason. 8 is the infinity sign turned in a different direction. I Love Love. I have always been a very emotional person when it comes to Love. It melts my heart and I am glad I have it in my life. So this tattoo that I got symbolizes infinite love. That is what I have with my husband and that is what he has given me- my family. It was painful, but it’s done and I LOVE it.

I absolutely do LOVE it. It is everything that represent me. My infinity sign that I love so much. My anniversary month. My marriage. My family. Our love. It looks bigger than it actually is in this picture, but it is the perfect size. It is right on my neck/back. What matters the most is that my husband loves it too. He was really against me getting another tattoo, but he loved it after seeing the concept. I don’t regret doing it at all. That is all. May your everyday be filled with more than just flowers, candy and that gift. I wish you the REAL thing on a daily basis.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! 

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