Spring Cleaning

Summer came early for us here. With my two girls, summer means BUBBLES. They love bubbles like every other child does. They can literally consume a lot of time just playing with their bubbles. So because of that, I bought them several bubble machine guns and colored bubbles and even plain old bubbles they can blow themselves. This world we live in now just accommodates all that, so why not? I realized that they kept asking for more and more bubbles as I was doing some cleaning. Okay I admit that I hated to be interrupted as I watched TV. So what is the lazy mom solution to adding more bubbles without having to get up or stop what you’re doing? VOILA! I saw something similar on Pinterest and thought I’d make one to call my own. Okay okay fine. To all you people shaking your head at me, I honestly did it for decorative reasons as well. It looks cute and I just couldn’t help it. I have been so inspired to organize and make my new home “homey” and this went perfect near their outdoor basket. Besides it’s so convenient for them and for me. So while they are out playing their bubbles, I am able to get my house in somewhat of an order. Of course it is with the help of my handy manny daddy. I would probably spend thousands of dollars if it were not for him. If anyone knew me very well, they would know that I am not a clean freak or anything like that, but what I absolutely HATE the most is CLUTTER! I think this is the reason why I have no problem tossing anything. My bedroom is a mess, but I want my living space to be clean. Living space being the kitchen and basically all the space that takes up my first floor. It’s the stuff I see on a daily basis and I spend 100% of my time in it when I am not sleeping, so I would like the space to be breathable. It’s gotten so much better with the help of baskets and other such things. It just keeps my clutter looking classy! LoL! My husband always gives me a look when I go out buying these things, but in the end, he ends up loving my ideas. So with that note, I will end my PINSpirations with a picture of my pantry door. I can’t believe that I have never ever thought of this. Not only is it organized, but everything is now easier to find. I love this idea so much that all our bedroom doors have one hanging on it. I use it for my craft stuff, the girls’ ponytails, markers, pencils and whatever else you can think of. Like I said, the object of the game is to have an organized mess in order. I will say that in about two months, my house will be exactly where I want it to be! It’s not easy making sure the girls have my same vision, but it has been manageable. I just tell them that I will throw out whatever they don’t clean. I seriously would do it too and they know it!

Tune in for more later. Trust me. I have so many that I can’t share them all at once. Hahaha. I have become the organization freak as of late! Now that I have spent 10 minutes writing this, let me go outside and make sure my baby girl is not spilling all the bubbles! Have a great day! =)

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