Mother’s Day 2012

This link was my motherhood status in 2009. I was the mom of a two and a half year old and a seven month old baby. I remember it almost clearly. It was really the hardest job in the world, but together with my husband and the help of my parents, we made it! I almost can’t believe how we were able to travel by plane and survive the airport in those days. Dex and I were always positive thinkers and could not give up our lifestyle. No matter how hard, we did it. We went there and we did that! We packed snacks and baby food and breast milk and all sorts of toys and pacifiers and baby bottles and diapers and extra clothes and bibs and vomit clothes for mommy and daddy and strollers and car seats. Every day at that point was a struggle to get out of the house! It was literally a whole morning affair to get anything done and ready for the outside world. Sometimes, I was too tired to get out after the whole preparation for it! 

Now three years later, I am in such a different state of thought. I have an almost 6 year old and an almost 4 year old! I feel like I have survived the hardest part of it all.With every age that they add every year, I feel like the challenge is always different, but still a challenge in and of itself. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommy’s out there, especially to the first time mom’s who is at the beginning of their journey. I’m not a fan of Hallmark Holidays, but I gotta go with the flow on this one! It is a deserving holiday to be celebrated! I always say that I have been blessed. This is the reason. My two girls are truly the best gift a mom (and dad) could have on this Mother’s Day! Enjoy the beautiful meaning behind this day! 


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