I Have A Six Year Old…

It is hard to believe that six years ago, I became a mother. I can still remember it so clearly. Everyone was out celebrating my Lola’s birthday except for me, my mom and my husband. We were at the hospital delivering my little baby girl. It was such an emotional and joyful time in our lives followed by much confusion, tears, happiness and definitely lots of learning.  There are a lot of things they tell you in a book that you thought covered it all. If you can believe it though, there are much more things that are “unknown” in which parents learn from on a daily basis. By becoming a parent, I have learned so much more of myself and what I am capable of. I have learned to love unconditionally. I have learned what being unselfish truly means. I have a greater understanding of what it truly means to be a parent and I find myself saying “Oh that’s why my parents did that when we were younger” an awful lot of times. Becoming a mother has truly given me the meaning to life, because everything that has happened to me in the past was to prepare me for this journey of parenthood. I’d like to say that I have only just begun, but it feels like I am halfway there. So to my oldest baby girl, Jasmyne- HAPPY HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY! You have started my path on this journey filled with surprises. I pray everyday that you you grow to have feet on the ground, a mind that will take you where you want to go and a heart that is full of love. Always remember that Mommy and daddy love you to the moon and back! 

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