Janelle’s Make-Up Tutorial

So I write in my blog a lot regarding my daily life, but I haven’t posted a public post in a long while. I thought this video of my daughter is a little worthy of some “awww how cute” laughs. Three weeks ago, my four year old Janelle found a video on YouTube of a girl doing a princess make-up tutorial by typing in the search word princess. She is such a little princess and would often be found out and about with all her princess jewelry, crowns and gowns like shown in the picture. Little did I know, that she became in love with the girl doing the tutorial. I started to notice her interest in my make-up bag and brushes. Last week, she asked me if I had a kabuki brush and an angled brush to make “cat eyes” for her “upper lash line” and I was laughing so hard I was crying. So this morning, I told her that I wanted her to make her own video to teach me how to put on my make-up. What I recorded almost shocked me that she knows some of this stuff at the age of 4. As cute as this video is to me, it made daddy MAD! For me, I don’t think it’s anything serious. Little girls go through phases of make-up and wanting to wear high heels. Janelle is most definitely in that phase right now. She loves lip gloss, nail polish and wearing my shoes. I remember even going through those phases, but I turned out okay. I didn’t wear make-up/foundation until about college. Even now, I don’t wear too much make-up. I think it’s just his “tough daddy” side coming out.  So here is my little four year old showing you all how it’s done. My favorite part has to be when she is “blending” her eye color. She makes me laugh on a daily basis. Hope it brightens up your day like it did mine!

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