Counting My Blessings

So today, I came across this article and I was instantly drawn to the story. It wasn’t very hard to search for the blog of this very amazing and sad story. I just simply typed in his name and voila, it took me there. I found myself transfixed with his writing for a good portion of my morning, which started out very badly. As a matter of fact, I’ve been having not too good of a day the last couple of days. Let me back track.

I’ve been having a massive migraine headache for the last week, but it had become nonstop pounding since Sunday. It was so bad that I vomited twice. I ran out of my prescription medication because I have been due to see my doctor since July. Motrin was not working out at all and my period was acting CRAZY, which was probably causing my migraines. My IUD is due to be changed and my doctor has cancelled my appointment twice due to scheduling issues at their office. WHEW! Too much info, I know, but what the heck. It’s making the story better! I demanded to be seen by my doctor yesterday, which the doctors office complied with. I got my IUD changed and finally got my much needed prescription. I went to bed at 10pm after getting the house cleaned after dinner. If you all don’t know me, 10pm is WAY early of a bedtime for me. I’m usually up all night and get about 4-5 hours of sleep per night just so I can do all the things I need and want to do while the kids are in bed getting their sleep on!

My parents are out of town and so I have lost an extra pair of hands in the morning to help get both of my girls ready for school. I have not updated my calendar because I didn’t feel the need to do it. I only did it for my parents so they could see what was going on. I have my own calendar in my computer (connected to my phone) which I absentmindedly have not updated. I realize now that when I update my family board, I update my calendar at the same time, hence why I didn’t get the updates I needed to be reminded of. So after the hazy blur of a morning (including the 1 degree temperature and snowy weather) trying to make sure my kids are bundled, complete with their snow boots for our “long” walk to school, packed gym shoes for when they’re in school, lunch bag and back pack, I got them off to two different schools. My youngest was only 5 minutes late, which was actually pretty damn good if you could only imagine the chaos that was this morning. As soon as I get home and unbundle myself, I get a call from Janelle’s teacher reminding me that she was “Person of the Day” and wondering where the class snack was. WTF? I’ve never missed something this “important” in all my parenting life. The kids in Janelle’s class take turns bringing morning snacks everyday. The Person of the Day brings in the snack and a show and tell toy for the class. This is by far Janelle’s favorite part of the school day- and this Mommy forgot about it. In fact, I didn’t even know about it at all. It totally skipped my brain. The brain that has been suffering from migraines and suddenly had another attack of a killer headache at that very same moment. So I had to step out again, bundle myself up and go to the store to buy snacks, drinks, cups and napkins for her class. Then I had to drop it off, along with her toy for show and tell. I made it just in time for all the kids. I finally get home at 9am and made my extra strong coffee, fuming inside because of everything that transpired since waking up at 715AM. It was literally like a funny comedy show if there was a playback of it. I had breakfast and popped in some much needed pills to hopefully help with my migraine.

So back to the beginning! I read this article over my extra strong cup of coffee, and suddenly I felt a huge wave of relief. I sometimes need a dose of reality to really realize that I shouldn’t get so overcome with emotion over little things that happen on a daily basis that are really sometimes out of my control. Little simple things can sometimes set me off and then here is this article that whispers to me that everything will be okay. Yes. I said whisper- not YELL at me like it should have done. I was literally crying to myself reading his blog that this man has made from even before his daughter was born, when his wife was still alive. He reminded me so much of myself. He started a blog to capture memories and have his kids read them later on in life except he didn’t have someone to share it with due to the unforeseen nature of his story. It really puts things on check for me- to count my simple little blessings in life. IMG_0016One of my favorite quotes (pictured here) also serves as a reminder that our “problems” are never as big as we may think. Someone somewhere out there is dealing with things I probably cannot even imagine. Today was one of those days that I needed this reminder. It comes to me every now and then and this was a great time for me to be reminded as the Holidays approach and Thanksgiving just passed us by. There is definitely a lot of things to be thankful for. 

This story was so touching to me that I even bought his book which was published in 2011. I can’t wait to get it and read it while the kids are on break. Definitely seems like one of those books that will stick to me. I love reading books based on real life events. I’m thankful for these little moments when something in my brain clicks and tells me to relax and not get so hung up on worrying over little things. It reminded me so much that I made this post public. I haven’t had a public post in a while and after reading his blog, it inspired me to share more of me too! Until next time…

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