Money Challenge 2014


So this picture was being passed around on the world wide web around the New Year. How fitting, right? I thought it was brilliant and so did my husband. It took me awhile to understand all the numbers in the chart! Basically, you deposit in increments of $1 for every week of the year, so 52 total deposits! The total you would save by the end of the year is $1,378! It seemed unreal, so I actually added it up and it is FOR REAL!

My husband and I decided that we would both be doing this as a way to start saving something. We have never been one to succeed with saving, despite many attempts. Believe me, we try to start a savings plan on a weekly basis. I am the type of person who needs a visual to follow my life. So last week, I saw this picture again and I really decided that I wanted to give it a shot. This time, I wanted to make it more visual for the both of us. I decided that we would be making a deposit every Saturday, so I plugged the dates in. I’ve highlighted the dates to make it easier to see when the actual date is. It’s also a good way to repay our “Challenge Jar” when we forget to make a deposit on a particular day. The maximum you would ever have to deposit is $52, which is on the last week. That is why this challenge feels so achievable. Anyone can easily spend that amount of money on a useless trip tp Target, for instance. I am very determined to get this done to reward myself (and others) at the end of the year. I can buy things without feeling as guilty around the holiday season. Think of it this way, by this Saturday, my husband and I are $12 richer (since we are doubling the amount from the chart)! That is progress and I will keep you posted!

Hope you guys make some use of this chart and start it with me! The dates are already highlighted for you! Let’s make this challenge happen! I think anyone can really (easily) achieve this!

Ready! Set! Go!

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