What’s In Your Birchbox?

IMG_3127 I’ve been wanting to join Birchbox for the last two years, but felt I wasn’t ready to fully put the things into use. I was too busy with the girls being so small and needing mommy to do everything for them. Now, everything is a little bit different and I have been able to afford extra time in the day and night. I’ve even changed my “beauty” regimen and facial care products because I have more time to take care of myself. This warranted higher quality skin products since I could actually put them to good use. I finally decided that I would join the world of subscription boxes in the beginning of the year to spark my sudden interest. There is probably a subscription box for every type of person in this world. This includes pregnant moms, babies and kids. Who wouldn’t want samples of products before buying the real thing? I posted a picture on my Facebook account and received about 10 texts asking what kind of products I received and how it works. So I figured I would give you guys a look inside my January Birchbox, which so happens to be my very first one! I was super excited to open it and I loved what was inside.

I was one of the many who was deciding between Ipsy and Birchbox. Upon much research and looking through numerous monthly boxes, I decided that Birchbox was more suited for me. I am trying to start getting into a little make-up, but I am also interested in skin and hair care products as samples. They also give out samples of health foods, accessories, nail polish and stationary. That is what other subscribers loved about Birchbox- their boxes are not only make-up related! I also found that Birchbox carried higher end products (in my opinion) based on previous subscribers posting pics on the world wide web. I joined and waited only two weeks to get an opening in their subscription. I took their questionnaire, in which they base your answers on the type of products they send you. Judging from my box, they got it right this time around!

So what was in my January 2014 Box? Here it goes!

RUBY WING NAIL POLISH: The color is called Ride ‘Em Cowgirl. It’s a color changing polish that goes from gold glitter to a sparkly berry shade in the sun. It’s actually a very good size considering that it is a sample bottle. My girls and I will definitely have some use of this fun color. They love nail polish as much as I do. 

REVIVER DRY DEODORANT WIPE: I have never heard of this product and it could be very useful. It whisks away odors from your clothing and hair on contact. Have you ever been to a restaurant that just stunk up your clothes like you just had fried chicken? I think this is what it is used for! I can’t wait to go to one of those restaurants just so I can trial this little sucker. It’s dry and reusable. It even comes with a resealable package. Definitely will be handy in my purse.

ORIGINS SMARTY PLANTS: It’s a light foundation with SPF 20 with a skin complexion corrector. I am not big on foundation and only use tinted moisturizers, but I think I can use this for coverage when I’m at the beach since it does have SPF. Did you know that using a cream with SPF 15 or greater can leave that white residue on your face when you take a picture? If you didn’t, well now you know! 

NUMBER 4 SUPER COMB PREP & PROTECT: It’s a sulfate-free leave in conditioner, which means it is safe for my treated hair. I love hair products that tame my thick, crazy hair. This sample size is also great because it can fit into my purse, but there is definitely enough to last me a long time. 

100% PURE FRUIT PIGMENTED MASCARA: The product is ideal for sensitive eyes and it has a fruity scent. I’m not big on buying expensive mascara. I use the Maybelline brand and probably need to keep better track of when I should replace them. I generally use the samples I get from my free gifts with purchase.

DR LIPP NIPPLE BALM: No it is NOT for nipples, but it could be. That is what it was originally made for. I love Vaseline, so this Lanolin based formula is a great accessory tube to replace my tube of Vaseline. I hope it will work the same, if not better. It’s also great for applying to all dry skin areas of the body, including your feet! This is totally me! 

INSPIRATIONAL POSTCARDS: I love paper products, so this was a good surprise to get with my goodie bag to welcome the new year! It came with 5 colorful cards with different quotes and ideas to start the year off right!

I can’t wait for my next box! If you decide you want to join the Birchbox Community, click the link below so I get bonus points for referring you! Thanks!


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