Inspiration: Things To Do

I am the type of person who needs to make a list in order to remember to actually get things done. My calendar is very organized and if I forget to add a piece of information, it is very highly likely that I will forget that activity for the day. My iPhone’s Reminder App is one of my most used apps! I don’t know what happened to my brain after having kids, but it basically has lost all capacity to remember anything. So one bored day while I was browsing Amazon, I decided to search “bucket list” under books and found several books. It included journal format books and other interesting finds. I really IMG_3040had to control myself and in the end, I purchased only FOUR books. That is actually a great thing for me, because I tend to not have a lot of self control when it comes to buying things I think I need. I started looking through these two books and it gave me some great ideas.


I really do hope that my kids will one day appreciate my memory whore tendencies and wanting to smother them up in all their childhood glory. I think when the day comes that they don’t want to spend all their wakeful hours with me will be the day that I will need some serious therapy. They just grow so fast. I want to put every little bit of the seconds that pass in a bottle and not let it escape! Every second counts, and what I really want others to take out of this is to live your life now. If you’re married without kids, enjoy your time with each other now. If you have kids, enjoy your time with the family you have created now. I really believe that this foundation of bonding builds a better relationship in the future for couples, parents and families. Invest in each other and in them now because that is what counts- THE NOW!


Starting now, I will actually create an Inspiration Binder of ideas coming from these books. When we accomplish an idea stemming from these books, we will take a picture of that activity and write a little entry about it on a regular sheet of notebook paper and place it in our binder. It’ll kind of be a journal, but every sheet will have a picture and description underneath it bound via a regular sheet protector. Jasmyne is very excited to start it off. Of course, I am very excited about this too. I love these kind of projects and having an actual list will definitely inspire me to try many new things that I otherwise would probably overlook as something I can put off for tomorrow. It’s definitely a great inspirational list. Some of the things included in the books are so normal, but probably not something I would think of doing unless it was on a To-Do list like this. Let the fun begin!


Here are a couple of things (among many) that we are hoping to accomplish this year:

1.Visit the Grand Canyon

2. Rock Out at a Concert

3. Visit a Fire House

4. Ride a Roller Coaster

5. See a Drive-In Movie

6. Take Pictures in a Photo Booth

7. Sleep Under the Stars

8. Act Your Shoe Size

9. Volunteer

10. Send a Message in a Bottle.

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