BIRCHBOX: February 2014

IMG_3359I received my second Birchbox yesterday and I opened the box like I was a kid getting a gift from Santa. I don’t get this excited too often, so pardon the overflowing joy that I am showcasing from a tiny box in my mailbox! Whoever thought of this idea is one smart cookie. I honestly loved only two out of the five things inside my box, but who can be disappointed with a box of surprises? It’s like paying for a monthly surprise! I really think this is the addictive part of the whole thing. I don’t think I can ever learn to say goodbye to this concept. There are way too many good things that can come every month! This month’s box was influenced by US Weekly in honor of the red carpet season! 

The theme this month: Step. Pose. Repeat.



DR. BRANDT PORES NO MORE PORE REFINER: When I changed facial products earlier this year, I ended up with a pore refiner in my kit per recommendation of the lady helping me behind the counter . I apply it as a primer before my moisturizer and I love how soft it makes my face feel. My makeup advisor was definitely right, so I am pretty sure this tube will come in handy. This was my #1 product in my box this month. According to Birchbox, this should minimize pores and absorb oil for a matte finish. The instructions on the bottle also say you can apply it over makeup throughout the day. I will have to try that! I’m so glad I got this in my pack. I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about this brand and I can’t wait to try it!

CAMILLE BECKMAN GLYCERINE HAND THERAPY: Basically, this is a lotion in a sample-sized bottle. It’s supposed to be non-greasy and quick absorbing. I can never go wrong with lotion samples to keep in my purse! I am one of those people who walk away with one of these things walking the travel section inside Target! This will definitely be handy. Hopefully I will love the cream, too!

EYEKO SKINNY LIQUID EYELINER: It’s looks like a generous portion and the eyeliner looks fancy. Maybe it only looks fancy because I don’t know how to use it. Seriously! The product looks very alien to me since I don’t use liquid eyeliner. I feel like if I messed up, I would have to start with a clean slate and wipe my while face off! I tend to use an angled brush to line my lids with varying colors. I barely even use eye pencils, so I hope to put this to use. Otherwise, I may just have to give it away to someone who cares for it. 

HARVEY PRINCE HELLO: This scent is a best-seller at The size is your typical sample spray mini. I am honestly not a fan of perfumes. I tend to use scents like Love Spell from Victoria’s Secret. My formal perfume is Ralph Lauren’s Romance. I’m not too fancy when it comes to perfume. That goes to show you where I am at in this department. This does have a very light, citrus smell to it. Again, this may be useful when I’m planning to spend the day at the beach!

32 ORAL CARE EFFERVESCENT BREATH CRYSTALS: The crystals apparently pop in your mouth like pop-rocks! I haven’t had those things since I was in grade school. I’m sure my kids will love this! I got flavors in peppermint and honey mint! Yummy!


I can’t wait for my next box! If you decide you want to join the Birchbox Community, click the link below so I get bonus points for referring you! Thanks!


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