Easter Egg Wreath Tutorial

So today, despite more snow, I made my way out to Target to window shop and buy a couple of needed things. Of course “window” shopping at Target is almost always impossible. Anyway, Valentine’s just ended and there was plenty of St. Patrick’s Day goodies and Easter stuff that were already displayed in their own respective aisles. I’m not a bit surprised since I follow their trend to get my house all set up. When Target comes out with the supplies, my house is ready for whatever that holiday is. I basically go with their flow. Since having kids, I have been more proactive in recreating a holiday vibe around my house. I really think it’s good for their soul. I now have a collection fit for every (well almost) holiday of the year. This includes garden flags, tablecloth, table liners, place mats, wreaths for entrance door and other decorations around the house. I was looking through the Easter goodies and realized that their spring wreaths are very, very expensive and not really holiday fitting. Last year, I decided to work my craft into magic and created my own wreath for the Easter Holiday. I kept looking and looking trying to find something with Easter eggs, but it was hard to find.

So here is a little DIY (Do It Yourself) tutorial on my take of an Easter Egg Wreath! It’s very easy to make and cheaper than your average large sized wreath. All supplies are from my nearest Michaels craft store. This has got to be my favorite craft store, since there are not very many to choose from in my area! Always check out their website for coupons and deals on certain products. They have something different everyday!



1. Styrophome Wreath: These wreaths come in different sizes and colors. Picture shown is a green styrofoam wreath that is 14″ in diameter. My front door is pretty big, so this was a good size for my wreath. You can choose a smaller size if you wish.

2. Thick Yarn: Choose a good quality yarn in the color of your choice. You will use this yarn to cover the styrofoam, so make sure you have enough yarn for your wreath size. For my 14″ wreath, one spool was definitely now enough. Grab about 5 spools and return whatever you will not be using just to be on the safe side. I went for a classic brown/straw colored yarn to give my wreath that birds nest effect. Easter is a colorful holiday though, so feel free to try pastel colors if you wish! You want to first make sure to tie a couple of knots at your start point. Tightly round your yarn to cover the styrofoam wreath. I made knots to the yarn after every couple of inches around to keep everything secured and tight. Continue covering with yarn until the styrofoam can’t be seen! Don’t forget those knots in between!

3. Easter Eggs: There are so many kinds of eggs out there during Easter. I wanted a simple style and just went for plain eggs. Make sure the eggs you choose have the tiny holes on the top and bottom. I don’t know why they have them, but the holes came in very handy as you will be stringing the wires into them! Almost all the Easter eggs I checked out have these tiny holes in them, so it shouldn’t be a problem. I made two layers of eggs on my wreath to give it that full effect. I also had a larger wreath, so I was able to create the fuller look. Be mindful of the colors of the eggs and how you place them on the wreath. Make sure to keep a good variety of colors in between.

4. Flat Wire and Wire Cutter: The flat wire also comes in many different shades. We have heard of copper and aluminum, but I was surprised that they came in many other different colors. I went with the “tan” colored wire to match my yarn color. Put the wire through the hole on the bottom of the egg and guide it to the hole on top of the egg. You can then extend the wires length so that you have enough wire to wrap it around the wreath. Estimate the length of the wire and pre-cut the wire pieces with the wire cutter so that it makes the job easier. Continue the process until you have covered the whole wreath with the eggs. Take your same yarn and just lightly round more yarn around the wreath’s crevices to secure the wires behind the wreath. The back of the wreath will look like those annoying children’s toys you have to take apart with the wires wrapped behind them. It is actually pretty secure after everything is said and done.

5. Tape: You can also use tape to secure the wires if they are still too pointy. I covered mine with enough yarn so that this step was not necessary.

VOILA! Your home made wreath is now done! Placing the eggs into place will take a good portion of your time, but I believe this took me less than an hour to make. It looks nice and simple and very festive for the Easter Holiday. It will definitely be unique since you’re making it your own! I wish I could make this into a video tutorial, but I made this wreath last year. Hope you guys have fun with it. Post your picture results here. It would be fun to see how yours came out!

Enjoy your little project. In the meantime, stay warm until the spring sun warms us up! I’m so done with these winter blues!

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