You’ve Got Air-Mail!

IMG_3435I saw this picture floating around and it was very thought provoking because I actually remember this time. I am actually old enough to say that I was part of the generation of kids who was old enough to create that very first email account. I had no problems getting my name options of cheesy accounts. There didn’t have to be a gazillion numbers after my name because it wasn’t “already taken” by another soul on this planet. Back in the day, we didn’t have these fancy cellphones linked to our email. I basically had to log on each time I needed to check my email. It wasn’t lightning fast either. I still remember the sound of AOL trying to connect from whatever service we had to use. Then the horror that came to be when someone actually called the house and then I LOST connection, because someone calling took priority and would automatically log me off. Those were the days before all this madness! Whatever did I do without it?

Ever since I was young, I wrote out Christmas cards with a 4×6 print out of our family picture taken from a 35mm camera. I picked out our Christmas cards at a Hallmark store near my high school. I actually remember being there for hours at a time unable to decide which one I liked best. For me, there is something so exciting about receiving cards or letters in the mail. Handwritten letters are memories of the past now. There are so many services out there that send you “mail” and saves you a stamp. People don’t even have to call or text you to RSVP. They can do it right on the website. I can admit that I am guilty of this sometimes, but for the most part, I still use AIR MAIL and not EMAIL when I send out my invitations. In my mind, I’m thinking that people might be as excited as I am to bust out their letter opener. When was the last time I wrote a letter, though? That would have to be ages ago. I think the last letter I wrote would have to be when I was still dating my now husband. I’m talking about 3 page love-letters too, complete with stickers and my work of art. I do miss receiving letters in the mail. I used to have pen pals through school. I also used to write and receive letters from my cousins who lived out of state. Looking back, it was like a compilation of FB statuses collected in writing 🙂 It was pretty awesome! Technology is great, but there are still times I honestly wish it did not exist. Imagine a life without the good ole cellphone? Many people younger that me would probably actually have to imagine. I’ve been there so I can actually compare how times have changed!

I do have a journal in which I have to actually write a passage on a daily basis. I really do enjoy things like that and that is why I have a blog as well. My goal these next couple of months, though, is to write at least THREE letters and send it out by mail. That should brighten up someone’s day- not because the letter is from me, but by the simple fact that they are receiving a hand written letter in the mail. So watch out for it. You may be one of the ones I choose to write to this month!

Would you like a letter? Let me know and I may just send you one, just for old times sake!  

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