Spring Has Sprung Cleaning

Keeping a house clean without kids is hard. Keeping it clean when you have two kids is a big challenge and can be very stressful if you have my personality of wanting everything organized. I wake up everyday chanting “wooo-sah” and telling myself that the mess is OKAY! I DO NOT like clutter, stacks of papers, and toys scattered all over my floor. It is a sore to my eyes. I’ve come up with countless baskets and such, but sometimes, you can only do so much. Day after day, they come home with art, school work and other papers from their school. I am proud of it too, but I can only have so much paper with a stick figure, house, sun and hearts on it. I know. I know. Bad mommy thoughts, right? On top of that, we have so much paper that is all annoyingly part of this grown up world we live in. That is not really my problem though, because for the most part, our living area downstairs is pretty well maintained on most days. I’ve done pretty well at putting all their “worth saving” paper work from school in their filing cabinet. IMG_2099I somehow stuff all our paper into out countless baskets and drawers and find them in the most hard to find places when we need it. At the end of the day, I really don’t care about that. The root of all my “problems” are the bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs. We spend only a short moment of our day in those rooms, so I tend to not stress about it too much. I would otherwise go crazy. After all the shopping we do and the countless clothes we have, it is virtually impossible to stay on top of it. Besides, the seasons change so fast and the girls grow out of their clothes so quickly. I feel like I should have an electronic closet that switches their clothes and shoes by season and size, but I am not that lucky.


So what does a mom do when she has a mini vacation from work for 4 days? CLEAN! Spring is coming after all. I smell it in the air and it is making me all too happy! I’ve got one bedroom down and 2 more to go. I got the guest bedroom done in 3 hours. That was basically my storage room for everything. I was able to sort through everything and out them in their proper place. The closet is immaculately clean in that bedroom now. I threw out so much stuff and filled my donation box with so much clothes. I was able to hang all their clothes and sort them out by season. They (and their parents) have so many clothes that I don’t know what to do with it. IMG_3455I don’t understand how I still always manage to go to a store and think we need this or that. After having organized it though, I realize why I always thought they didn’t have some of the things. It was stuffed in the bottom of the mountain high pile of new clothes, toys and other things they have received in the last year. That was a big accomplishment on my part last week. Thankfully, I am a quick cleaner because I tend to Toss and Throw, which my husband hates! It gets the work done. Well now, I got it all sorted out and this is how the room looks! I love it like a breath of fresh air!



Today, I will be working on their bedroom/toy room. Walking into it, you’d probably go crazy. I really don’t even know where to start. There is not a space on the floor where you would not hurt your foot because you would be stepping on a Barbie shoe or toy. I last cleaned it during the summer months. Then both their birthdays came. That meant more new toys and clothes. Then school started. That meant more new clothes and uniforms and less time in the week. Then the holidays came and with that comes more toys and more gifts and this mommy just couldn’t keep up anymore and gave up. I just started the pile up process. As you can tell, they have so many unopened board games and toys. There is more behind the door and where my camera couldn’t reach. It is pretty unbelievable how much my kids get from family and friends. They are definitely always thought of and loved. That is why we never have to buy them any toys. In fact, they have only be to a toy store 3 times in their lives! It is time for this momma to get this room spring ready so that my girls can start enjoying all these goodies. There are way too many to good toys and activities to be done in this bedroom!


I will now have a better system so that I don’t ever get to this point.

1. Invest in more filing systems like the one I made for their school years to keep all our files organized.

2. I’m a task-list oriented person. I will have to start putting in a Focus Room every 2 days on my calendar and task list. This means that I will have to focus on this room and clean it up for 30 minutes that day. For me, 30 minutes is enough time because I am a power cleaner! One more thing to add onto my list of things to do while they are in school. 

3. My kids are older now and will have much more responsibility in keeping their room organized after playing. No more Mr. Nice Mom who took all responsibility in keeping their play room nice and clean. Apparently, I didn’t do a good job of it anyway.

4. Decrease my clothes shopping! Ha! I have a feeling this will not be successful though. Wish me luck!


I will keep you all posted on my progress. What are your cleaning tips?

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