Mother’s Day 2014

Mother’s Day Flowers

This year, I decided that I wanted to do Mother’s Day at our place with all the other moms in my family. We went out and ate at a restaurant on most years, but after Easter this year, I just wanted something low key and intimate. Sometimes the hustle and bustle is not worth all the money that you are paying the restaurant in the first place. So I set up my living room to have a sit down luncheon and chose nice spring colors to go with the occasion. I bought a dozen roses from Costco and got some other nice floral pieces from Michaels that I set up myself. They have some pretty awesome jars in there now just in time for spring! I have been addicted to Chalk Board products recently and I have it all over the house! I even bought Do It Yourself Chalkboard Banners and they came out perfect! We all had fun catching up in the comfort of our home.


We need days like these every now and then, because after all, Mother’s Day is a time for family. It sounds so cliche that Mother’s Day is everyday, but over the years, I have really learned to love and appreciate these Hallmark Holidays. If you asked me this even last year, I would have felt differently about these holidays. I honestly hated each of them. This year has been different though. I think getting my house glammed up for the next “holiday” has really allowed me to take it in. My girls enjoy looking forward to what the next set-up will be. What will be hanging on our mantel? What wreath will be hanging outside our door? What banner will be in the yard? I love Valentine’s Day now and wouldn’t mind going out to celebrate with my husband. Yes! Mothers need to be celebrated everyday, but it is very nice to have that ONE day where you are wished lots of love and recognized for what you do. Realistically, no one will say thank you to you everyday and give you flowers. I wouldn’t want or expect that at all. (LOL) It has taken me until now to realize that it is okay! When I received gifts, I didn’t respond by saying “you didn’t have to do that” but instead I just said Thank You and really appreciated the gesture. 

Spring Ready Luncheon
Spring Ready Luncheon


My husband is always such a great gifter. He never misses a beat and gives me a little something for every season and reason. This year, for Mother’s Day, he got tickets for me to see Justin Timberlake! I haven’t been to a concert since the *NSYNC days and I am super duper excited to see Justin this December when he comes to town. Of course, his gifts would not be complete without my favorite piece of jewelry by Dogeared. I finally got my Love Knot Necklace! Oh it’s the little things in life, alright! I hope you all had a happy happy day filled with lots of love, kisses and hugs! It’s well deserved everyday, but it is nice to have that one day we can call our own!


IMG_4164I’m undoubtedly blessed to have a great husband (who doubles as a mom on most days) and great kids. They are the reasons I became a mother and I plan on trying my very best to be the best one I can be! Mom equals love! 


Have a great week you all!



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