The kids are back to school and I find myself asking: What now? Most parents love when their kids go back to school, but I am really one of those parents who dread it. Maybe it’s because I really don’t have to worry about who will drop them off or pick them up after school. I dread the changes in my work schedule to accommodate all their activities. I dread homework time and keeping up with the wealth of knowledge they must learn (and then some). I have two kids in school now, so it is a little bit harder on me, since I manage all things related to school and scheduling. I miss just going to bed whenever and waking up when our body tells us to. I miss spending time with them and enjoying their youth with no extra worries or time constraints. I love to hate organizing our lives when the school year has restarted. It is such a stressful time for me.

Today, the girls had Picture Day, and I of course, was off from work to be there to help them get ready. I was also able to volunteer at their school for two hours and help the kids and other teachers through the chaos that ensued this morning. I am off on Mondays when they go to a special art class a little ways from our house. Then we rush home after their art class to get started on their homework. Sometimes I think back to my childhood and think of my life now. I turned out more than okay and so did all my peers. Are parents wanting too much for their kids in order to make up for what we thought we were lacking in our times? I really don’t know the psyche behind it myself, but I find joy in providing my kids with the extra things I was never able to do or have. Ballet class. Art class. Swim class. Summer Camp. Vacations. Museum Memberships. Countless Fall Festivals. Spring Break. You name it, I’ve tried it for my babies to stimulate their minds and keep them active at all times. 
Then I realize why I enjoy it so much. For one, there comes a time when I can no longer do these things for them or WITH them. I would like to think that I am building a wonderful foundation for my children to make sure that they know family comes first- ALWAYS! I am buying them memories and experiences as opposed to material things, although I am guilty of that as well to a certain degree. Only parents know how fast it really goes. My eight year old is already changing before my very eyes and I am really treasuring all the moments I have before they “grow” up. Some people who are NOT parents ask me why I “burden” myself with all these family vacations or extra curricular activities and drive myself crazy. The truth is, the crazy is actually my norm. Traveling with them is so much easier now, and I never thought I would sometimes miss them in their baby carriage as we stroll through the airport halfway sweating from the security line. My husband and I do miss it sometimes. They are currently both in school. I could be out there running errands, but I really don’t have any today. I could be cleaning up their bedroom, but I have already done that. I could clean up the other rooms, but I am too lazy. I could clean up the house, but it already is.  I could put up fall decorations, but I’ve done that too. I could plan by baby girl’s birthday party, but that’s done too. I make full use of my time and really, my busy will be right when I pick them up from school and the whole chaos restarts until they have to go back to bed.

Then I really start to miss summer days. The days when school is out. I can’t wait for the school year to end. I love crazy chaotic times minus the school schedule. I live for it sometimes

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