Operation: Gender Reveal Party

If you know me well, you know that I love parties and party planning! I love working on do it yourself crafts and seeing the details of my vision come together. If I were to do anything else in my life, it would probably be to become a professional party planner. I think I’m secretly living that dream through my children and hosting themed parties “for them” throughout the year. So when my brother and his wife talked about wanting to have a gender reveal party for their little bun in the oven, I was super excited. Of course, I was overjoyed for them, but in my head, I was secretly in planning how to invade in their plans. I’m glad that they are so open to letting me partake in their planning. Maybe I forced myself into it too, but I can never tell for sure! LoL! I have a feeling that this will be the last time I can just volunteer myself in their business! I couldn’t help myself though. This is my first gender reveal party to be a part of and my head was soaring with different ideas. My brother came up with some great ones and I just had to bring it to life for him! I had to tone it down a whole lot. It was strictly a gender reveal party and not a joint baby shower, so a lot of the details had to be put aside.

Here are some of the things we did and they turned out great!

Brunch is always my favorite meal of the day, so we hosted one for their party. My brother had a great idea to have a Mimosa Bar, which fits the brunch theme perfectly. He provided the champagne glasses, champagne bucket, and carafes. I decided to incorporate my love of chalkboard into their mimosa bar. They selected the juices which are labeled with punched chalkboard signs and tied around the carafes with jute strings. The jute strings give it a classier look than regular ribbons. Right in front is a condiment tray which we filled with strawberries, raspberries, orange slices and melon balls. I accented with wooden label sticks to add some pizzazz.  The mimosa bar sign was created with hole-punched chalkboard paper and streamed together with the same jute strings I used for the carafe tags. I put one letter for each square and decorated with metallic markers. It really pops out in the black paper. I bought a mini chalkboard stand for How-To Instructions. It makes it look cuter too! The champagne glasses were labeled by guests using a special glass marker. My brother thought of that idea instead of buying glass tags. It added some personality to the glasses and the guests enjoyed it a ton. My brother had to buy more champagne by late afternoon. This Mimosa Bar was a big hit and it looks awesome, too!

I wanted a “center of attention” table and this table under my TV always serves that purpose. I took their 20-week picture with the letters to spell LOVE and framed it in an 11×14 frame, which is perfect for my table! You will not find a frame with a back stand for anything bigger than 8×10, so you will have to buy a frame stand to display!  I accented the table with all things pink and blue. Blue flowers look unrealistic, so I got pink daisies and placed little blue jars in front of them to stay in the mix of things. I bought a candy jar with a cute candy spoon to complete the details. The candy jar was filled with pink and blue Sixlets, which brought back memories of my childhood. I was super excited to find them in the colors that I needed. It was perfect! I kept picking on it throughout the day. I sprinkled the table with pink and blue gems that added glamour to the table since I had a feeling it would be a girl! Girls and sparkling gems go together!

Photo Backdrop
Photo Backdrop

Next I made a beautiful back drop of where the Balloon Pop would happen. They don’t have very many Gender Reveal party supplies in the stores, but you can find a select few when you search online. They are still pretty expensive compared to normal decorations, but if you’re a decorating freak like me, it is well worth the money! It will really add attitude to your party! For their surprise, my brother and his wife wanted a balloon pop to sprinkle blue or pink confetti to announce the gender of their little one! That big, black balloon was filled by a close friend of theirs. She was the one who got that envelope with the baby’s gender straight from the doctors office and she was the ONLY person who knew that balloon was filled with. I think this surprise is as close as you get to the actual surprise from childbirth. The best part is that you are surrounded by those close to you! I was lucky enough to find those shirts that fitted the theme really well. I was on the look-out for shirts like those since I had a feeling that they would want a reveal party! Thank goodness I got lucky! The back drop made for some really good pictures- and it came out exactly how I envisioned! It’s really easy to do, too! Pick a wall that will have good lighting for pictures. It took me a couple of trials before I found the best wall. Use paint tape to tape your tablecloth in your choice of color to the wall. For this reveal, I chose pink because I just knew it would be a girl! Make sure it is completely secured to the wall since the air-filled balloons can be heavy. I used my curtain rods as support, so it worked well. Then just tape all your decorations onto the table cloth. I love to use balloons because it adds dimension to the pictures! Voila- you’ve got your giant photo booth backdrop made!

IMG_8539So after brunch (and lots of mimosa), the parents-to-be were ready to pop the balloon. The video was so much fun and you can hear the joy from everyone! Here is the result of the giant balloon pop! Yes ladies and gentlemen. I was right! It’s going to be a very blessed and beautiful girl for my brother and his wifey! That pink confetti spoke volumes and the reveal was pretty exciting for everyone present! I’d have another baby just to throw myself one of these. Okay. I’m just kidding!

I’m beyond excited to meet the new addition to our growing family!

Happy party planning, everyone!



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