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The kids are back to school and I find myself asking: What now? Most parents love when their kids go back to school, but I am really one of those parents who dread it. Maybe it’s because I really don’t have to worry about who will drop them off or pick them up after school. I dread the changes in my work schedule to accommodate … Continue reading I MISS YOU SUMMER!

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You’ve Got Air-Mail!

I saw this picture floating around and it was very thought provoking because I actually remember this time. I am actually old enough to say that I was part of the generation of kids who was old enough to create that very first email account. I had no problems getting my name options of cheesy accounts. There didn’t have to be a gazillion numbers after … Continue reading You’ve Got Air-Mail!

Before I Was A Mom…

I stumbled upon this website and found this article. It’s something I’ve always thought about when people give me “advice” or voice their thoughts on parenting when they don’t have kids of their own. I just smile and let it be. There will always be people on this Earth who put their two cents into something they can’t afford at the moment. I’m the type … Continue reading Before I Was A Mom…