New Lens

For Momma Day, the husband got me a beautiful piece of jewelry- a ring to be exact. He took lots of time to think it up and wanted me to really like it. I LOVED IT when I opened it. If you would have seen it, I’m sure you would have loved it too. However, this little brain of mine had other thoughts. Over the … Continue reading New Lens


I have literally been reviewing many many strollers this past month. It was like my new addiction. I wanted to buy one¬† stroller each for the girls and also a double stroller, which a lot of people found to be weird. They wondered why I don’t just buy a double and be done with it. Well the answer is simple. Dex and I hate the … Continue reading STROLLER CRAZE

10: Favorite Stores To Shop

Today’s post is from The Daily Meme: Ten On Tuesday 1. Target 2. Gap Kids 3. Sephora 4. MAC Cosmetics 5. CostCo 6. Life Uniform 7. Nordstom 8. Michaels 9. Victoria’s Secret 10. Lori’sHospital¬† Gift Shop So the above named places are a list of stores where I spend most of my money- particularly the first and last one on the list. I go to … Continue reading 10: Favorite Stores To Shop