March 14

Spring Has Sprung Cleaning

Keeping a house clean without kids is hard. Keeping it clean when you have two kids is a big challenge and can be very stressful if you have my personality of wanting everything organized. I wake up everyday chanting “wooo-sah” and telling myself that the mess is OKAY! I DO NOT like clutter, stacks of […]

March 11

You’ve Got Air-Mail!

I saw this picture floating around and it was very thought provoking because I actually remember this time. I am actually old enough to say that I was part of the generation of kids who was old enough to create that very first email account. I had no problems getting my name options of cheesy […]

February 18

Easter Egg Wreath Tutorial

So today, despite more snow, I made my way out to Target to window shop and buy a couple of needed things. Of course “window” shopping at Target is almost always impossible. Anyway, Valentine’s just ended and there was plenty of St. Patrick’s Day goodies and Easter stuff that were already displayed in their own […]

February 13

BIRCHBOX: February 2014

I received my second Birchbox yesterday and I opened the box like I was a kid getting a gift from Santa. I don’t get this excited too often, so pardon the overflowing joy that I am showcasing from a tiny box in my mailbox! Whoever thought of this idea is one smart cookie. I honestly […]

February 09

Inspiration: Things To Do

I am the type of person who needs to make a list in order to remember to actually get things done. My calendar is very organized and if I forget to add a piece of information, it is very highly likely that I will forget that activity for the day. My iPhone’s Reminder App is […]

January 25

What’s In Your Birchbox?

I’ve been wanting to join Birchbox for the last two years, but felt I wasn’t ready to fully put the things into use. I was too busy with the girls being so small and needing mommy to do everything for them. Now, everything is a little bit different and I have been able to afford […]

January 16

Money Challenge 2014

So this picture was being passed around on the world wide web around the New Year. How fitting, right? I thought it was brilliant and so did my husband. It took me awhile to understand all the numbers in the chart! Basically, you deposit in increments of $1 for every week of the year, so […]