Welcome to my new site and thank you for visiting. I have had a journal since I was in grade school. I was always about looking back into the past and reminiscing the good times and the bad times. I think it’s good for the soul and helps you learn about yourself. It’s actually been a form of therapy for me when I read back to what was going on in my life five years ago. Life is just too fast paced and we easily forget some of the simpler things we go through in life. We forget the thoughts we once thought or the experiences we have had.

In 2003, I dove into the world of WWW and started a Xanga site. I can’t believe that I’ve actually kept up with it for as long as I did. I like to print out special entries to keep for my own record and place them in a binder. To me, it was like my journal from back in elementary school, but with a slight kick. When I tried looking for services to print out my Online Blog, many companies did not provide printing for Xanga accounts. In fact, there were NO companies providing this service.

With all the technology that they offer now a days, I decided to venture into the world of WordPress. Many web printers and book makers (95%) support blog printing from WordPress accounts. That is like heaven for me. No more printing papers and hello professionally printed journal/blog/book. That’s my excuse for moving to this address. Plus I get my own special name- my WWW dot COM. I have been secretly wanting one and here it is. Enjoy your stay.

So now I present to you my life.

This is my BEESWAX!