I took a pause from blogging on the world wide web in 2015. I have been writing journal entries through my Happy Planner in the last year and a half. I started CARING BRIDGE , my journal telling the story of the journey my family endured the summer of 2017. It was my way of sharing the life changing events with everyone who supported us. They deserved it and I wanted to tell it! It felt good to write what was in my heart during those troubled days of my life. I found (and continue to find) comfort in it. I continued writing through Caring Bridge, as I found it was the easiest way for me to print out my entries, bind in neatly using a good ‘ole binder, and keep it as a memory. I am so thankful I did. I have all my entries and people’s comments to read through when I feel down and out! My orange binder entitled “Dexter’s Journey” has become one of my prized possessions!

Now I continue it through this site, JaesBeesWax, which I have had for many years. This has been a part of my journey. It will continue to document my journey forward. I will continue to go forward, but I will never forget to look back. My past is the biggest part of me. It is ALL of me and this is my BEESWAX!


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